September 9th, 2019

Random but somewhat musical output from an Analog Box circuit I created called "DroneQuartet", presumably because it drives 4 separate instruments that wander somewhat randomly from a central note in the same scale. Some of the played notes slide, most do not. It's just a strange effect, overall. I ended up trimming it and adjusting the amplitude somewhat in Cool Edit Pro, but the chorusing and reverb effects are all from the Analog Box circuit itself (except at the fade out, where I thought it best to add some just there, in CEP). This is not a loop, though I did look for a good place to splice it into a loop -- just never could find a good place (very long reverb makes it especially hard to find a seamless edit point). You might have better luck with that. But otherwise it's long enough that you can probably just excerpt a piece for whatever purpose you might find for this sort of thing.


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