September 21st, 2018

This is sort of a personal recording in some ways, so a longer description...
First off, I feel weird with any sort of hate speech, and recording that sort of thing to send out into the world because it makes me feel as though I am aiding to spread a message of hate. Maybe I will eventually regret making this recording and delete it. Anyway, this recording starts with some hate speech under the guise of religion. It takes place outside of a large convention center where people are entering to go to a non-denominational gathering. I didn't know it existed, I simply happened upon the scene. The guy rants for a while, then moves off eventually. At 21 minutes something interesting happens, a guy notices my recording stuff and has a conversation with me. I'm naturally quite awkward, but I decided to leave this part in because of great surprise to me he mentions Freesound, which I found quite interesting. Near the end of that conversation a guy with some bagpipes shows up and starts playing, I believe to disrupt the hate speech guy, and plays a few funny and interesting songs.

Recorder: Zaxcom Maxx
Microphones: Crown SASS-P MKII
Recordist: Tim Kahn

**WARNING** this sound is in .FLAC format, so if you can't learn how to use this format, please don't download this sound, it is too dangerous.

If you enjoy this sound, please consider donating to freesound.org.
You may also contribute directly to me: paypal.me/pools/c/83tOZtfkXU


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    Frozentape 9 months ago

    Really unsettling haha, feels a bit like a documentary when the guys starts talking - cool sound

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