March 17th, 2020

(10h long when you download) The Prime Minister Rutte has asked us to stay home within 3 weeks as much as possible because of the Corona virus (covid19). This is what my suburban environment sounds like now. Unbelievably peaceful. But appearances are deceptive.

Prime Minister Rutte, the president of our Dutch country, said that the coronavirus is among us and will remain with us for the time being. "The reality is that a large part of the Dutch population will be infected in the near future," he said in his speech to the nation.

"Many people feel that we are on a roller coaster, which is getting faster and faster," said the prime minister. He called the corona measures unprecedented and emphasized that with those measures
expert advice is leading.

Rutte expressed his condolences to the families of corona patients who died. The Prime Minister ended with: "Pay attention to each other. I'm counting on you."

The cabinet is not choosing to lock the country to fight the corona virus, which is not certain and would take a year or more, Prime Minister Rutte said in his speech.

The government has chosen to control the virus as much as possible and smooth the peak in its spread, creating group immunity. If the virus went wild out of control, the health care system would be overloaded.

"This is an extremely difficult period for many companies," said Rutte. "We are committed to ensuring that companies do not fall over and that people do not lose their jobs."

Coalition and opposition parties praise Prime Minister Rutte's television speech.
source: NOS teletext

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Date/time: March 14th Monday 2020, start 8.52 am

Weather: 9c, clouded, wind WNW 1-3 bft with gusts to 18 km/h, 1024 hPa, humidity 73%.

Location; Kruiskamp, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch), Noord-Brabant, Netherlands (Holland), Europe

Gear chain: Sennheiser mkh30/50 MS, in Rycote cyclone small, windjammer,Tascam dr-100 Mk2. Decoded Mid-side to STEREO

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    Erokia 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    Pretty incredible time we are living. The whole world is on its knees due to this virus.

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