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I'm a music geek and experimental electronic musician living in Southern California. My interests include ancient history, philosophy, cuisine, fine tobacco and alcohols, music, literature, culture, aesthetics, social networking, and technology.

I draw inspiration from Industrial and Cyberpunk aesthetics, independent music subcultures, Downtempo and IDM grooves, dark ambient, and experimental electronic textures.

Favorite Genres of Music:

Ancient Music, Folk, Classical, Ambient, Neo-Folk, New Age, Soundtracks, Jazz, Bebop, Blues, Country, Classic Rock, New Wave, Synthpop, Alternative Rock, Punk, Indie Rock, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Neue Deutche Harte, Goth Rock, Industrial, EBM, Funk, Soul, Rap, Hip-Hop, Electro, Deep House, Minimal Techno, Trance, Breakbeat, DnB, Dubstep, Downtempo, Glitch, IDM, Chiptune, Experimental, Vaporwave, Chillwave, and Seapunk.

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