Pack: Disturbances to My Recordings by Philip Goddard

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I get many disturbances to my natural soundscape recordings - particularly those (with or without wind chimes) that I make in the Teign Gorge area. Generally they are of no real interest and I am happy to simply cut out and discard the affected parts of my recordings. However, just occasionally there has been the odd disturbance that is quite interesting or spectacular in its own right, and I felt a bit sorry just to discard them. They included the odd low-flying aeroplanes, and also an occasion when a dog decided to investigate the recorder and sniffed intently right against its windshield and indeed licked or at least slobbered on the recorder. So now, as a sort of penance for my throwing away such 'interesting' morsels, I have belatedly started this pack with another low-flying aeroplane, and no doubt before long I shall have more additions to this little prospective chamber of amusements and horrors!

  • Pack created on: March 8, 2013, 9:33 p.m.
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