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Feel free to send me whatever you make with what I have uploaded: I would very much appreciate it.
Remixes and other creations from the community using my sounds will be listed at the very bottom.

See the packs ~

Ambient Wave Compilation by Erokia

All legality info on the use of my sounds is listed below.
You can use my sounds for whatever you wish, crediting me is entirely up to you and I won't care if you do or don't.
The only thing I ask is that you don't put copyright on my sounds on youtube or anywhere else unless you tell me why so we can figure something out. Do not upload my sounds on other websites that sell sounds, or anything that you feel is pretty much unfair to me for uploading here & for others using my sounds.

Majority of my sounds are non commercial and I plan to keep it that way.
If you wish to use my sounds for commercial purposes then you must contact me for permission to use them.
I would also appreciate knowing where the sound is being used and which sounds you plan to use.
Again, I don't care about being mentioned in your project no matter how big or small it is, how much money if any is involved, but please notify me if it is planned for commercial use.
If you make money off my sounds than I am absolutely glad you are able to and I won't ask for anything in return.

If you want or must credit me and want to know how to do that then you have these options.
You can just provide my name ~ Sounds by Jordan Powell
My account name Erokia from
The link to the sound/sounds and the license type
Or all of the above combined..


Sounds provided by Erokia/Jordan Powell from ~ (Link to mine and other freesound users sound/sounds used & the license type)

If you are feeling very generous and wish to donate to me, I ask that you please donate to instead.

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I upload here for free for the benefits of others and cherish this site deeply for giving me the opportunity to upload here irregardless if I make profit or not.
Therefore, the best thing to do is to help this sites development and ability to keep it ad free in the future.

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You can donate to me if you so wish at the paypal donation pool link below. Donations will be used to help buy more software/equipment for further sound design experimentation.

Many thanks and have fun navigating this sea of sounds.

Start list:
Remixes by EarDear -
eardeer - Eroika remix
eardeer - filteredpiano_remix
eardeer - tilted synth_dnb_remix

Remixes by Timbre -

End list:

Erokia's latest sounds

  • Currently /5 Stars.

This sound or collaborations of other sounds was made using FL Studio 20 along with "Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch". Various ...

January 22nd, 2021
  • Currently /5 Stars.

Experimental beats/prioritized Loops/Ambient Rhythms/Everything else This sound or collaborations of other sounds was made using FL Studio 20 with various ...

December 30th, 2020