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You can use all the sounds that I created over my life for what you are wantn, and the way you create it convenient.

They can upload my sounds anywhere on the web and have full freedom to do as this precise moment are part of you, I do not believe in copyright and in all these stories unfounded by the system and monopolies in the music industry.

This is part of the egoic mind that is in the process of evolution and that still does not interpret the true meaning of life.

I only know that everything is in the air, in the Universe everything and nothing belongs to anyone and everything belongs to everyone.

Thoughts, sounds, frequencies have no owner.

We only connect to them and make them part of us.

It is of Universal use for all.

Nor will I ask for donations since abundance is available to everyone, you just have to know how to be part of it.

Most of the sounds that I created were sounds of different hardware that went through my hands and were many since I also dedicated myself to the purchase and sale of synthesizers and drum machine .
So I'm counting on an infinite base sounds of different s hardware.

The effects are all field recordings with a Tascam DR 05 recorder and then modified by different distortion boxes.

Anyone who needs any special sound from any synthesizer let me know by contacting this email

Nor I care about the being mentioned in your projects,no matter how big or small it is, feel free to fully do what you feel do.

Make noise

Visit the blog that I carry out you will find good information, creative ideas, tutorials and everything that is needed for free to achieve new sounds; =)

You can also pass and listen to the creations that I was making over time complete discography in:

DJ_SoMaR's latest sounds