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    who loves a traffic warden?

    sorry if this is cross posted ( i put in 'dare the cimmunity'

    I'm working on a film that involves the kidnapping of a hapless traffic warden.... But there is a dark sinister back ground too

    I need to add in some recordings of the sort of thing that a member of the public might yell at a traffic warden, for a montage scene,

    I am panning to do a bunch myself with my family on a camping trip next week, outdoors will be great for recording these angry tirades.

    But then I thought we are all friends and family on freesound

    so what would you be likely to yell at a traffic warden? maybe you ARE a traffic warden. can you replicate any of the best?

    Please try and record outside and make them yelly! please make them CC 0 so I can use them!



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