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    Need samples for a live stream soundboard

    Hiya I'm Gradythehermit,
    you can check me out at all of those usernames anywhere videos get posted/live streams

    So Im wanting to do a live stream kind of Talk show host style,
    and I would love some sound bytes

    It's called Gradys Pocket Universe

    I want anyone and everyone who can impersonate "Dick" or "Grady" from the copyright safe knock off sci fi cartoon show "Dick and Grady" not all any sort of Adult swin anything wink

    I would love a few recordings of People mimicking any and all character tropes from the scifi fantasy genre so all of that is good pasta.

    But in particular. I want a basketball style air horn blaaa bll ablllaa kind of sound

    I want someone mimicking mr meesocks saying "Life is pain Gary" and whatever else that is not quotable from any real show or episode.

    I want someone Raging (not cringy ear levels) "Han freaking/f××xing shot first"
    general Scifi funnies.

    "One does not simply Push to talk"

    "voooiidd"- knockoff portal

    Fus Gro brah- the elder trolls 5 scream

    that kind of copyrightsafe cheekyness

    I would love some Winter soundbytes
    and Gary, and Bess

    the whole family.



    "Its copyright safe because this is custom and not for proffffiiittt"
    and "I love me some Graybies"
    And "come on down to Gradytown"

    various pauses and belches even mid sentence.

    you can copy exact quotes just make them different slightly. the whole point is if this is ever a problem I can say I tried to make customs sounds and characters.

    i doubt it ever will be but hey play it safe right?

    Specifically Grady saying
    "y-you gotta give him a try man, its no-its not like that difficult to do something new. I do it every day. and its terrifying but it makes you feel alive, so just do it, don't think do."

    Grady "Get your crap together winter, just get all of it and put it in a backpack. i don't care how you do it just get your crap together"

    and whatever else you all feel like. all of this is public domain please don't quote anything from any similar shows the transcripts for the one i'm dancing around are available online

    i will be using these as soundbytes in my live streams no sounds longer than 30 seconds

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