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    I am looking for a muffled male voice and a muffled female voice

    I am trying to do some on the street recordings and I would like to be able to 'disguise' the voices of people that got accidentally recorded for which I did not obtain consent.

    You know that thing where in videos, people's faces are obscured and fuzzy so as not to be identifiable? I want the audio version of that.

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    if i were you i would just pitch the voice up or down, depending on your preference. it might sound a little silly but it's very disguised. if you're unable to do this yourself i can do it on my DAW.

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    Hi there !

    Are you well ?..yeah i would like to know what you'l be using the voices for ?..
    just maybe I can be of some assistance to you friend ? male or female ?..
    can't make out from your profile or name !


    Quincy 007

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