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    Breathing/Gas sound effect

    I've been looking for a noise like this for a while. I can't explain it, but it's like the sound of gas being released. Warning spoilers if you've never seen The Thing, but this is the kind of noise I'm looking for *warning, gross*

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    Sounds like it could also be created by breathing in through a small wooden tube, or something similar - that sort of breathy sound when you inhale in an enclosed space.

    Might be worth a try looking at some of these and slowing them down 50% as well:

    Though, if you're really after gas, take a look at some of these as well, again slowing them down 50%:

    The original in that clip also sounds monophonic, so you can convert any of the above sounds and turn them from stereo to mono to get even closer.

    (Great film BTW; rest well Mr. Yewdall)

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