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    Paid Foley Project Request

    Hello Freesounders,

    I am currently writing a thesis and for this I need a few foley recordings.

    What I am looking for:
    - Electric vehicle engine sounds in different speeds (I will specify the different states I need later in a private conversation)
    - Electric vehicle start up sounds

    What you need to have:
    - Good mobile recording equipment
    - the ability to record in 48kHz or 96kHz (24bit of course)
    - low noise and wind noise ratio

    Best part about it:
    I know how annoying it can be when people want your services for free, especially in the foley and sound business.
    I'm paying you 6€/minute of recording.
    I estimated that all the sounds I need take about 15-20 Minutes of recording time in total, so you can do the math.

    Let me know if you have access to electric vehicles and want to help me out.

    Best regards


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    Just curious why you will require 96kHz? I mean, what good is that unless you have a mic capable of picking up ultrasonics? Sorry, I can't help (no electric vehicle).

    -- Keith W. Blackwell
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    sounds cool! I can go find some electric vehicles and have a go! I'll tag my friends on theis post too.

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    I could definitely give this a shot if you want to talk more. I've recorded a few foley sounds in the past, And I know my way around Audio design, so it should be no problem. I could record on a Tascam DR40, possibly with a shogun MIC. Just depends on which sounds better. HMU if your interested, and feel free to check out some other sounds I made if you want.

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