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    Multiple Cat Sounds Needed (Actual Cat)

    Hello there. I don't know who might be seeing this, and maybe it will be looked past, but if you came to look at this, I thank you deeply.
    I am a student, over at this random academic high school in the middle of nowhere. Pure freshman, A/V newbie, and much more. However, a friend and I, along with a junior, are working on this puzzle game that goes by the project name "Equinox." I don't have much to say about it except being revolved on the focus of a young domestic tom cat and his crude life with the other cats.
    So you must be wondering, why are you explaining all of this? Well, here's the thing.
    My own cat is very silent, and female as well, along with a fractured forepaw which makes it hard to get the sound that I am looking for on either the side or main characters.
    I cannot risk getting near a stray one either--anything could go wrong, and background noise in the streets would really downgrade the quality after removing all that crap.
    I have been asking around the school as well, but I don't think others would be willing to cooperate with this project, or really talk to me about it either way.
    So that only leaves me with one option--ask around for a few samples.
    What I am looking for is not that specific--it can be any sound that you would like to introduce. I would download and test it out for myself and see if it is the one I am looking for and tell you whenever I can.

    There are only a few specific sounds I am looking for on each cat.

    Main Cat (at least 4 month old tom)

    -At least 4 yowls/screams
    -2 nervous mewls
    -3 hisses
    -2 regular meows
    -1 threatening snarl

    Side Cats (can be any gender, 2 month or older)

    -6 different yowls/screams
    -4 hisses
    -2 growls (both different tones)
    -3 threatening snarls

    No specific Cat (no requirements)

    -Walking on wood
    -Walking on concrete
    -Walking in grass
    -Running on wood
    -Running on concrete
    -Running on grass
    -Walking up wood stairs
    -Walking down wood stairs
    -Running up wood stairs
    -Running down wood stairs
    -Jump from short height
    -Land from short height
    -Jump from long height
    -Land from long height
    -Head shake
    -Yawning (its kind of silent but there is a little sound on it)
    -Scratching themselves (recommended - back paw against ear, it has a flicking sound)
    -Cleaning themselves
    -Bite (theres usually a sound that comes from their mouth as they grasp you its kinda weird)

    If you are interested please email me at or or message me on here. Thank you!

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    Hi ! Your project seems very interesting. I don't think that I'm really useful but I've a sound of cats in heat, if you're interested in, you can download this sound here :

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    Cat almost no sound when walk/run on many surface. Only jump may be have sound if start surface and end surface have far distance (jump from height place to floor have sound), surfaces not hard and thick.

    Cat sounds "Mèo"

    Cat fight

    Cat pur/rền

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