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    Collecting UK Accent Voice Samples, 16+ Male/Female £18 For 450 Recorded Phrases (Android And IPhone)


    0. UK accents only ( England/Wales/Scotland ), 16+ (need to provide your age/name/gender/place of growth)

    When recording, one person should not be allowed to record more than one person. The sound and color test found in the quality inspection link will be treated as cheating and no payment will be made.

    Only one person is allowed to speak in the recording, and the second people are not allowed to speak.

    The sound is normal when recording. Do not use too much noise. But if the voice is too small, it will not be able to record. The statement is displayed (please start the recording in time after the green light is on).

    Please check your surroundings when recording. Record in a quiet room to prevent noise. Do not record in a large room. Causing open sounds.

    For each recording participant, we need to record the following information:

    (1) Name (not full name); (2) gender; (3) age; (4) place of birth; (5) place of growth; (6) mobile phone type

    Please if you're interested, message me with your email to, we will send you the record method and access code.

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