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    Requesting a short female voice acting.

    I am a musician, singer, video maker and artist.
    I make all kinds of music, and I am making a second part of a song that will be online on my channel (linked below) on 02/12/2017. This one will contain a short dialog between A Girl that have killed me in the first part and a sort of God of good and bad that I wtill have to define.

    The dialog should be a little sexy, not that kind of porno voice, I need something a little seductive and serious. In english.

    You will have all credits (i will put feat. -yourname-) and if you want some links to your art, so people will know that it was you.

    Let's take it as a collaboration.

    If you are interested PLEASE email me or contact me.

    You can find all links and contacts below.

    *remember that nothing is sure, those are ideas.

    INSTAGRAM (fastest response): @Septem36

    -Septem Oxyuranus
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    Is this paid? I can give you professional results if it is.

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