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    Sexy Female Voice Request

    Hey guys i am looking to have a female with a seductive voice with maybe a few seductive laughs in this dialogue.

    "Hey it's Mya.. (My-ya) I am glad you came back for some more.. Hozay, We were meant to be.. I love you and i know you are into me.. Come on. Lets have some fun."

    If you could so this in a phone call effect that would mean alot if not that's cool too thank you for who ever helps, Hozay is pronounced Jose as in spanish lol

    ALSO* i will need this in a frustrated angry tone with the same female PLEASE

    "What is going on with you right now!? Why are you talking in that nonsense!? You better not LEAVE ME! I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING YOU WANTED!! NOW SIT BACK relax.. And let me treat you like a king..."

    This is dialogue going to be used for a voice mail smile

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    Please I need a sexy female voice saying "I am real David"

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    hello @hozaythehipster,
    i've recorded your sounds. currently waiting for them to be moderated but here are the links:

    Feel free to send me a private message if you would like me to voice any words or lines for your project!

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