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    Learning more about sound terminology?

    Hey guys,

    I've been editing audio for video stuff for a while but never officially studied it. I see a lot of people using terms like wet/dry sound, white noise vs pink noise etc.. I know that it's possible to look up individual definitions for these things but I was wondering if anyone could suggest some tutorials or reading that went over this in general, what these terms mean for different types of sound editing etc? Thank you !!!

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    I guess I comes down to what music software you are using I guess

    wet/dry sound I usually used if you add an effect to something

    so lets say you have recorded a guitar and what to add a delay effect

    then wet is the amount of the delay effect you know how much of the delay effect from the guitar you want to hear

    do you want I little delay/echo (could be reverb chorus flanger granular pitch shifting ring modulation as well as long as it is an effect)

    so if you turn up the wet knob you get the effect signal I mean you turn the volume of the effected signal up, so you get more of that effected signal in volume

    the dry knob is the signal whiteout any effect at all

    in this example the guitar we where talking about but like the effect it is just a recording can be anything that can be recorded

    so wet = effect volume

    dry = the signal without effect

    in may cases dry/wet knob ( parameter or whatever you controller is ) is one parameter

    so if you turn the knob fully counterclockwise you only hear the dry signal but the more you turn the knob clockwise the more of the effected signal gets blended with the dry signal

    so you keep some of the dry signal until the knob is in fully clockwise position

    in the middle it is usually 50/50% wet/dry signal

    so lets say the knob is at 9o clock it will I don't know maybe be around 70% dry signal 30% wet (or effected) signal + minus or something like that

    that is one way of putting it for know you can always ask again maybe I will reply if I feel like it

    white noise vs pink noise

    I belive what you are referring to is some kind of synthetic noise, I mean, noise generated from some kind of sound source like synthesis, software or hardware synthesizer

    ok no more know it something about filtering white noise or something

    read this book if you want to now everything

    I know I guess its over the top

    but I do not now how much you want to get in to this

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    Hi claramch,

    I found this link which is pretty comprehensive and very clearly written.

    Sound On Sound is a professional publication well respected in the industry so is worth browsing and bookmarking.


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    These are both super helpful thank you!! Really appreciate it smile

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    Hi claramch,

    It's good that you're interested in learning audio terms and definitions. There is an audio engineering school website that has definitions listed on it.

    Hope this helps.


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