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    Looking for 1 on 1 help

    Hey everyone,
    so i'm quite new to digital production and i would really really appreciate anyone willing to walk me through some basics 1 on 1. I know it's a lot to ask but I figured I could find some passionate producers who want to help a newbie out. I have some experience with pro tools and ableton and minimal experience with machine 2. I'm into a wide variety of music and just want to get started but feel pretty lost and overwhelmed. Let me know!
    Thanks so much,

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    while you wait for someone to volunteer, you might want to check the available courses on platforms like coursera and edX, e.g. and

    Some courses are completely free, others are free to audit; take a look at these for instance, which cover a good bit of your starting ground: and
    (make sure to browse the full catalog, you'll find many other useful courses)

    Sure, it's not 1 on 1, but the courses are very well structured and guide you through paths, avoiding that lost and overwhelmed feeling you'd get with a "DIY squared" approach (Do It Yourself, Dive Into Youtube) where you can find too much of everything.

    Once you've covered a few bases, it'll be much easier for you and your future mentors to deal with the rest.

    Good luck and have fun!

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    Copyc4t's advice is very sound.

    Going after 1 on 1 at this stage is like walking into a pub(bar) and asking the first girl/boy who glances your way to marry you.

    (Okay, not quite that dramatic, but much the same principle.)


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