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    discussion of some sci-fi experimental-sound-based music theme sonic design

    I'm not a huge Dr. Who fan, by any stretch, but it's still a potentially-insightful discussion of tools, techniques, and the twiddling process in use around the late 70's/1980, not just for the theme music but also for incidentals and other sound work.
    Doctor Who theme - Peter Howell's Masterclass (1981)
    Maybe someone else here will find it interesting.

    -- Keith W. Blackwell
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    Interesting indeed!

    We should feel really lucky that today we can achieve the same results with little more than an ordinary computer and proper software, for a fraction of time (and relative dimension in) space, weight, and cost.

    Come to think of it: for what they can do, our computers are much bigger on the inside grin

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    A brilliant piece of music by a brilliant man, doing it the proper way - i.e. using match strikes instead of making something completely synthesized.
    download nature sound at here:

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    I believe there is information about how the BBC used to make the sound effects for the original Dr Who series and other programs of the same time.
    The BBC had a specialist group to create these sound effects (can't remember what they were called, sorry).
    But should be possible to search it up and I am sure there will be information about it somewhere on the BBC website. - I remember reading about it... somewhere...

    I want to believe.
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    The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

    A fascinating story in innovation.

    Heaven in the sky is to die for, Heaven on earth is to live for.

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