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    How can I replicate this type of voice (see link)

    Hello, I am working on a horror video project while I am confined at home and I wanted to recreate or at least get a similar voice sound effect like the one you can hear from the Alien talking to Dr. Abigail in the movie The Fourth Kind

    (It's a youtube link and you can skip to seconds 0:44 to hear it) also (could be disturbing to some)

    Anyway I never really worked on audio for my videos apart for manipulating pitch or adding reverb using Adobe Premier Pro or Audition. These two are the software I would use to create the effect

    I've searched online but so far I did not manage to find something specific, if some of you could give me some advices it will be really appreciated thanks.


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    Ring modulation is a good starting point for that kind of effect.

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