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    Processing a voice to make it alien/demonic

    For my music album I need some wordless voices/utterings that are somewhere in between alien and demonic. I've been trying to process voice recordings myself to this end, but it doesn't sound very cool yet. So I'm wondering: what effects and techniques would you use to make a voice sound alien or demonic?

    I've been trying chorus, flanger, reverb and distortion already, but maybe not with the right settings, or maybe I should just try something different?

    Here are two examples of the kind of sounds I would like to be able to make: this one and this one.

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    Comb filtering and down pitching will get you close to the second example, with the right settings.
    Something good for an eerie/demonic feeling is reverse reverb.

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    definitely a repitch, + or - , it's up to you
    then a lot of effects can make it sound weird, play around with a frequency shifter or a phaser maybe.
    Some vocoders settings can also be very alien

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    I have done some stunning work with free to download vocoders.

    In principle your mixing 2 signals; one being the voice the other being the noise source. You may need to twiddle with your noise source a little based on the inflection of the voice but seriously have a play!

    There are hundreds of tutorials out there and a good few peograms (free to use ) to play with. Honestly, a lazy afternoon and a can or two of beer and I'm sure you can come up with something special! Also if your having problems understanding the vocoded voice, mirror the original slap it on a new channel and mix between the two till your happy.

    Good luck with it and be sure to send us all a link!

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