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    [new] Computer Microphone Question

    So, my mic on the computer sounds kinda low quality sometimes and I can't even hear my speech in the audio clip sometimes. Whenever I record my mic on Audacity, all I could get is an annoying fan-like buzz that cuts out some of my words and such.

    Is there any way I can fix this? Any installation to a new mic on a PC, or can I fix the mic manually? If so, then how do I do it?

    If anyone out there who's an expert on computers and hardware that can help me with this problem, (I'm basically a sound/music editing and producing type of guy lol), I'd appreciate some help and effort.

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    Well, if we're talking about a built-in mic, it can't really be fixed.
    The most relevant issue, besides the mic quality that might be not too bad per se, is the PC noise (fans, traditional hard disks, any moving parts); and it's not just the noise it picks up in the air, but also direct vibrations those parts give to the whole PC structure.

    What you could do on the PC is to close all programs but Audacity when you're recording, and switch to a powersave CPU setting that might allow the fan to run slower and quieter.

    Audacity's Noise Reduction helps with the issue, but if that's not enough for your purposes you should use an external mic; even a dirt cheap 5$ PC mic with a 1/8" (or smaller) plug connected to your PC's mic port will make a big difference if you keep it isolated from the PC vibrations and as far from it as the cable allows.

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    If your computer does not have a mic-in standard audio plug, there are USD mics available, although they might be a bit more expensive.

    I want to believe.

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