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    Portable recorder and wind

    Most of the time I use my Tascam DR-40 with a Rycote furry windjammer made for this device. But even with this top of the line wind protection, I get a lot of wind noise. And I try to find the least windy places.

    Putting a mic inside a blimp or simmilar would fix a lot, but most of the time I just keep my recorder in the bag, and the big gear is not an option.

    Any good suggestions on how to remove wind in a portable way?

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    I've seen DIY windprotection using the Oball childrens toy.

    I'm not familiar with the size of the Tascam recorder,
    but maybe a big, at least 15cm Oball with some cutting and additional fur could work as a DIY-miniblimp for XY-configuration.

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    here it is:

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