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    [Technique Request] How to imitate this sound


    I have been messing around with progressions and audio-effects to imitate the intro to Pogo - Nicey Nicey, linked below:

    May someone clue in a clueless person on how to get close?

    Thanks for the help.

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    So going by the first ten seconds:

    I'm not sure exactly what part you are referring to. There's a typical synth pluck sound. Load up any preset on a VSTi that says something like "house pluck" and look at the patch settings, especially with how tight the ADSR envelopes are for that kind of pluck. It's got a reverse reverb on it and some sort of "stereoization" effect. The producer is automating a reverb send (or the wet/dry mix) on the vocal sample so he accents when it says the word "sound" (in "the secret of the new [sound....]")

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    stomachache wrote:
    ... some sort of "stereoization" effect ...

    automated-pan & wah-type effects

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    The synth stabs use a filter envelope where the frequency goes down over time (in each stab), but don't ask me what the frequency ranges or Q settings or any of that might be. smile

    -- Keith W. Blackwell

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