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    Volca-Freesound app for Korg Volca Sample

    Hi all,

    I’ve made an online app to use the Korg Volca Sample with audio samples from Freesound.

    The app uses the Freesound API to select random audio files from the Freesound database that it then downloads and transfers to a Korg Volca Sample connected to the audio output of the computer. The app offers a simple way to provide you with a new and unexpected set of samples on your Volca Sample that might inspire you to create new music.


    It’s an online web app, so it runs in the browser and should work on any modern browser. You can find it here:

    It’s open source, the JavaScript source files can be found here:

    And I’ve put a more complete article and tutorial video on my website:

    I don’t know if there are any Volca Sample users here, but I hope the app can be of use.

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