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    Anyone have a redundant DeadKitten - original version?

    I have a quite serious issue with my recently purchased Sony PCM-D100 recorder because of its mics' extreme wind sensitivity - even the best furry windshields that I'm aware of that fit this recorder being woefully inadequate in their wind protection for such sensitive mics. The best furry windshield that I could find, according to my comparative tests, was the Rode DeadKitten, which afforded my old PCM-M10 recorders sufficient protection to enable me to make natural soundscape recordings on a reasonable number of occasions, albeit still having to pass by many other potential great recording opportunities because of too much wind. When I got the D100 I found that the original, light grey version of the DeadKitten seemed not to fit the D100 but the current, black version did, but had somewhat poorer wind protection performance (I think resulting from use of a softer fur, which gets blown apart more readily by the wind). As I needed every little bit of wind protection I could get for the D100 I was frustrated at not being able to use the original version of the DeadKitten on it.

    Today, having decided that I would most likely not be using my old M10 recorders any more (for which I'd been using the original DeadKittens), I had another, more forceful, go at fitting an original DeadKitten on the D100, and found that although it's a little difficult to go on, it actually does go on without a real struggle, so I can use these. However, on my outings as a great rarity I lose one, so really want one or two spares of the original version, but have failed to find any trader still selling them. Many traders (and actually Rode themselves - naughty boys!) still represent the DeadKitten with a photo of the old, light grey version, and the odd ones may still say 'light grey' on their page for the item, but it's the black, current version that they actually send.

    Incidentally, to forestall well meant but unnecessary suggestions, let's point out here that alternative solutions like using external mics in a blimp are not a workable option for me, because I do nearly all my recording on hiking outings, where I already have a well-filled rucksack and cannot accommodate additional kit.

    So, is there any nice person out there who has one or two redundant light grey genuine Rode DeadKittens, still in good condition, that I could buy from them for a small consideration (plus postage of course)? -- Thank you.

    -- Philip Goddard

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