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    Sound effect technique

    Hi guys.

    I need to recreate sounds of water creatures similar to ones appearing in a short movie called "Solipsist" (

    I had no troubles getting electric sounds, but I can't recreate the voice part. They have kind of robotic vibe, I tried pitch shifting alongside with ring modulation, BP filtering with high resonance, LFO's but never achieved desired result. Can anyone help me with reverse engineering? Or maybe you can hear exactly what their sfx guys did there since I have quite little experinence with sfx design.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I love that movie, also the Author Andy Huang is one of my favourite short film producers.

    Anyway, so do you have anything that does granular effects? I am almost certain that's how these creature sounds were created.

    Native Instruments Reaktor has a bunch of options for granular audio processing. It's available as a free "player" still I believe. Let me know if you're interested in this and I can recommend some specific ensembles to use/download.

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    r_pid wrote:
    can't recreate the voice part. They have kind of robotic vibe

    The sounds starting from about 3m22s to about 5m30s are the kind of sounds that you could produce out of a Speak-and-Spell machine.
    Not the best video, but look (and listen) this one:
    There should be some software emulators available. Search them up. And many other software for voice synthesis (some of it free) that should make similar sounding voices, even if not an exact emulation of the speak-and-spell.
    In your sample video the sounds are only phonemes, silly words or parts of words (like "boing, "bap") have been glitched up (fast repeats, pitch shifting up/down) and have a massive amount of reverb added.

    Hope this helps.

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