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    Designing bear sounds

    I'm sure that many of you are intimately familiar with those damn stock bear noises:

    They have been used and abused in any productions involving bears for well over a decade at this point. And I'm sure you're as sick of hearing them as I am!

    Since doing field recordings of these usually very quiet animals, much less recording aggressive sounding bears, is presumably an extremly difficult task, I thought I would challenge myself and try to artificially create something that could pass as a bear. How do you think one would go about doing so?

    The most straightforward approach is probably editing and mixing together several components of different animal noises. You could probably use breathing sounds from a wide variety of creatures including humans. The vocalizations seem a bit more tricky. What kind of other animals would be the closest fit for that?

    I might even consider using this hilarious plugin from XOXOS, if programming it wasn't a complete freakin nightmare:

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    Well, you could simply buy a bear call, practice using it, and then record it.

    -- Keith W. Blackwell
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    snore into a large glass vase

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    Try reversing the midle part of a large dog bark. Probably pitched down one octave.
    There may be a couple of suitable samples at freesound.

    I want to believe.

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