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    Audacity broken following Windows 10 upgrade (with workaround!)

    As some that have already upgraded may have noticed, Audacity will not work properly on Windows 10.

    You will get an "InternalPortAudio error" and then Audacity will open, but you will be unable to play or record audio. No input/output devices can be selected- just a blank dropdown.

    The reason is that Audacity is not yet supportive of the new OS (only released for the past 6 days)- the last Audacity update was released on 15th July. Be patient, but a new upgrade will hopefully be on the way soon for Audacity.

    For the time being I suggest using Audacity version 2.0.3 or 2.0.2.

    They can be downloaded at

    Hope I helped

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    If you have a Sony pc. do not use windows 10. Sony did send me a note a few month ago!!

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