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    Equipment suggestions for field recording

    I need some advice about purchasing pro audio products on budget for my coming project. There's going to be a lot of field recordings for this project (streets, villages, wild life, cities etc...)

    I'll be travelling to a lot of iconic places with unique sounds and do long recordings there. But since I'm such a noob and audio equipment is quite expensive, I don't want to make any mistakes.

    Things I want are:
    -Immersive stereo detail.
    -Wind protection.
    -Travelling light

    I'd like to climb on a hill nearby a small village at dawn, and pick up the roosters' crowing, dogs barking, birds singing, ducks' quacking.

    I'll also be walking in forests for unique bird sounds and capture its sound while being able to exclude the ambient noise.

    Which combination of portable digital recorder and mic do you suggest for my line of work?
    Another question: Since I'm on a budget, do you think I can pull this off using the internal mic of portable recorders such as Zoom H4N?

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    This is late, and you've probably already made a purchase.

    The answer to your question is: yes, the Zoom H4N would be the perfect option for you given your criteria. I had one when I was starting out a number of years ago and it served me very well. You will want to upgrade though sooner or later, the preamps are the main disadvantage; the noise floor being quite noticeable on quiet recordings.

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