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    High-pitch squeaks in some recordings


    I've recently acquired a nice Roland Edirol R-09HR field recorder that records at 24bit/96khz. I've recorded a few things as I mess about with it - this is my first time recording sounds - and I've found I like doing rain and outdoorsy samples as I guess a lot of people do. However, I've noticed that I get some high-pitch squeaks in some samples. I noticed them in these 2 tracks I've recorded:

    It's most obvious in the computer fan sample, but you can hear it if you listen hard in the first as well. I've also heard them pretty noticeably in one I have pending now I'll link later. Can someone tell me what these are?

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    I can only hear birds in the first recording example

    In the second (fan) I cannot hear anything of the 'squeaking' sort. Unless you're talking about the sound of the noise floor, which is a combination of your recorder's preamp and freesound's preview compression.

    When I refer to the 'noise floor' is sounds more like a snake hissing. Is that what you are referring to?

    Do you have any other examples? Can you record silence or an ambient room tone with the same record settings and without processing, then upload; it might give us a more isolated case of the phenomenon you are experiencing.

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    It's an artifact from Freesound's file compression, only present when streaming off the site. The squeaking is not present in the original file when downloaded.

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