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    fel micbooster and rode nt5x family

    FEL MicBooster and Rode nt5x mics - anyone has experience with that combination? Or are there any better (needed?) portable alternatives?

    At the moment I'm using Olympus LS-100, which offers relatively clean XLR, phantom powered 48V inputs, but it appears that rode mics have weak signal. On highest levels, Olympus with these mics also becomes somewhat unstable, so I'm thinking about some boost between mics and the recorder. Right now, around gain=7, Hi mode - it sounds like this:

    Noise is present, but no nasty hissing.

    BTW, around April/May - there is a release of upgraded Tascam DR-680 (MK2) recorder (includes cleaner preamp; folks wonder about comparison to some mods found on internet). Worth of investment? Is older version working relatively nice with tode nt5x mics? Sound devices looks nice, but prices are also... nice. - independent research on sound and consciousness - best sounds for extraordinary inner experiences

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