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    Need help with Acid 2.0 (on Win. 8)

    My music tends to come in waves, and I find myself in a space where I would like to create once more.

    It has been a couple years, and I have a new laptop now. It is running Windows 8 (yes I can almost hear the grumbles from here) and as is common with Win8 it is incompatible with my oldschool Acid (2.0). Thus it would seem I can't create music anymore...

    Does anyone know any reliable/stable open source music composition programs, or any hacks/fixes to get any Acid programs working on my machine? I would very much so prefer an open-source program that is similar, or a way to make what I have work over buying something else or now.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Congrats for wanting to get back on the saddle again btw.
    Have you though about trying Cockos Reaper? It says that the program is only free for 60 days but according to the rest of the world the free version never actually expires. I only mention Reaper because I hear nothing but positive things about the program.
    For a more open-source program I highly recommend 'SuperCollider', but then again, I suppose it's what you are trying to make. Electronic? Acoustic? Rock? ...

    This list may be helpful too.

    Audacity is very popular. I personally don't care for it all unless i'm trying to get rid of background noises on audio samples. Yet, a lot of people do find it useful, so maybe you could give that a try? It's free.

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