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    Brahma, the first affordable ambisonic microphone goes on pre-order today

    Our revolutionary new affordable Brahma amibisonic mic, (as featured on no film school ) is now available for pre-order. Only 50 will be available.

    If you’d like to pre-order any one of the 2 Brahma versions we are making, please contact, or please check out our website at

    The 2 versions are:
    1. The Brahma Standalone – A calibrated ambisonics microphone in a stainless steel and mesh body. Supplied with a 4 channel phantom box, 4 xlr breakout (for connecting to any 4 channel recorder), 1 shock mount for stand connection, 2 wind cutting fabrics, 1 shielded 9 core cable (3meters long), a wooden carrying case and soft padded case.

    2. The Brahma in Zoom – A calibrated ambisonics microphone built into a 4 channel recorder, the Zoom H2N. Supplied with a 3d printed custom windshield, 2 wind cutting fabrics, a wooden carrying case and soft padded case.

    Affordable ambisonics is perhaps the most exciting new development in the field of audio recording, and we’re hopeful that the Brahma Microphones will give a wide array of professionals the opportunity of experimenting and utilizing its unique possibilities. We hope to keep innovating and developing newer audio technologies that push the limits between quality and cost to offer the greatest satisfaction to our customers.
    The buzz and energy around ambisonics is perhaps apparent to all. Being on the manufacturing side we are amazed at the technological support and sharing we are getting from some of the biggest names and pioneers in the fields of acoustics. The future for ambisonics feels tantalizingly bright, and we hope you have the opportunity of being among the first users of the Brahma Microphones to produce work in this field of acoustics.
    Please join the members at Ambisonic Surround Sound. Ambisonics, 5.1, audio recordings — Ambisonic Surround Sound. Ambisonics, 5.1, audio recordings to be a part of the community and to keep abreast with the latest conversations in the field of ambisonics.
    Our best wishes,
    Umashankar and Nakul Sood

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