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    Wind Protection

    Hi, I've got an NT-4 stereo mic and have purchased the Rycote Windshield kit to go with it. My question is what configuration should I use to provide maximum wind protection for minimum high frequency degradation? I read a thread on a Google Group that had a lot of negative things to say about the Rycote wind jammer's tendency to attenuate high freqs, which is annoying because, up to now, it's what I've been using for my recordings.

    The NT4 comes with a foam wind-screen. In recent recordings, I've been using that in conjunction with the wind-jammer and this has done a good job of blocking out mild wind, though I've still had to use a low cut filter in some cases and/or edit out low freq wind noise.

    I used to use just the jammer over the mic without the wind-screen but found that, in that case, it was too loose and moved in the wind, defeating its purpose.

    Now I have a zepplyn in the mix. So I could use all three together, the zep and the wind-screen or the zep and the jammer. The Google Group thread said, however, that I'd be better off using a Rycote high-wind cover, which doesn't attenuate the high freqs apparently.

    The sound design book I purchased says you shouldn't go into the field without both wind jammer and zep, but obviously I don't want all my sounds to be lacking in high-end. I thought, based on my impression from the same book, that the high-wind cover was only meant for really seriously excessive wind and don't really have a concept of what it looks like.

    the second part of my question is, for those who use wind jammers, to you boost the high-end at all to compensate? If so by how much and where do you like to start boosting? Or don't you find there's any need? I was thinking about the upper three octaves with a 3 DB boost or something but obviously I want to keep the reproduction as faithful as possible.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Hey, Justin!
    I don't know about the NT-4, cuz over here I usually got Schoeps or Sennheiser when I use a mic rig. However I'd say the zep and the Rycote is the way to go, and
    1. I NEVER boost anything, if anything I'd attenuate the low end and boost the overall gain, an EQ should never be boosting any mic'd audio IMHO,
    2. I'm more of a post-pro guy, so I know what I'm talking about - I've seldom come across recordings done with a windscreen/zep that were in need of boost in the Hi / attenuation in the Lo end. And I get a lot of stuff from location recordists that work with Rode mics.

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