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    Producers - Whats your reason for sharing?

    Hello all! I'm new here and I'm really impressed by some of the sfx and soundtracks that are available here, it made me wonder, whats the reason of the producers for sharing it?

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    I fear once beautiful environment that I record in will be ruined by mankind so I act like an archivist or a photographer. To document how great that place sounded.

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    I like share for save time and money for other people, then other people have more time and money create stuff for me use too. Also I like see stuff people create use my sounds/music loop, very fun! Help break sound/music monopoly is great fun too!

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    You say 'reason' but for me at least there have been more than one. Actually, reasons have changed with the years but in short, for the same reason that most people take snapshots of the places they vist: to preserve a moment in time. Sort of, a barricade against memory loss, I guess


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    This seems like a more useful place for me to place my creative output than somewhere like Bandcamp or Soundcloud etc. Freesound is a nice place in my mind because I am happy that my sounds can find a home with many others in ways that I couldn't possibly think of on my own. It allows me to become part of a bigger project. If it were not for Freesound I never would have discovered the concept of the idea of sound art, field recording, etc. to be honest.

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    I'm uploading stuff I feel is useful to other people who don't have the time to record things I've recorded. Or they don't have the access to what I have (at my disposal). So when I don't have time to record certain thing or don't have access to it, I can go to freesound and find it here.

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    woah long story but here it is:

    1. I do a lot of projects in the web, try this and that. When i need a free sound i come to Everytime. Didn't comment much, didn't say thank you always. So i think i was a taker and not a giver.

    I did a lot of EDM 6 - 8 years ago. I was one of the "i want to get famous and play in Tomorrowland" - Producers and destroyed everything of my talent with that. My creativity came to a stop, because i stressed myself to much. I deleted all my tracks, my daw and all other music related stuff.
    Now i'm older (and maybe wiser wink ) and i do music just for me and for fun.

    So i thought there are two ways that can happen to my soundfiles i created. I can hear and use them when i want, and 90% of them will laying somewhere on my workstation and do nothing or i can share them here and give the community something back from the years i only took and did not gave.

    That's why! smile

    Sorry for my english and greetings from Switzerland!

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    i sometimes used sounds from freesound in my video's.
    I thought it would be good when i use or consume something, i also leave something behind for other people to use.
    Also i find it quite rewarding to see where all my sounds are going all over the world.

    Best regards,


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    I've always tried to encourage friends and family to pursue creative activities/outlets. I think it's incredibly therapeutic and helpful for a person's emotional balance and overall mental health. By sharing clips on this platform we can encourage and inspire total strangers, and hopefully help them find some inner peace, or at the very least they can gain some personal satisfaction with the product of their creativity.

    I'm not sure if I count as a "producer", but those are my two cents smile

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