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    need a male ring announcer voice drop

    need a male ring announcer voice drop

    Hey, I need someone to do a ring announcement
    for me, please.

    -Weighing in on the C!B!O!
    -He won't (chicken) out.
    -He's got your (bacon) or he will be your (bacon).
    -He'll slice your (onions) or/ He'll (onion) until you cry.
    -He's (saucey),He's creamy.
    -With fresh Lettuce Welcome this
    Legendary burger, on the chosen (bun)



    Weighing o the C!B!O!
    -He's the biggest.
    He's the baddest.
    he's the most delicious.
    he's got the chicken/ bacon / onion / pepper sauce / lettuce/ onion bun
    He's the finger-licking, crispy-crunching, pack-a-punching, smoky-mouth-watering
    -Burger champion.
    He's CBO

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