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    Free Video


    I'm a long-time audio producer and several year video producer.

    I would really like to see a site dedicated to video following a similar model to free sound.

    Does something like this already exist? I would be happy to upload a lot of my b-roll to it.


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    Hey there,

    I'm not very experienced with video-uploading, but I had a look around and I think the best option for you would be this free site called 'Vimeo'. Not sure if it's exactly what you want, but I think the concept is to share your videos with a community of creators.

    Hope that helped, here's the link for that site's homepage:

    - YYJake

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    You can share your footage for other users on Pixabay for example:

    But on Pixabay you can only share under CC0 license.

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