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    Some Latin percussion sample packs for you all!

    For anyone looking to add some Latin flavor to a production, I have uploaded three percussion sample packs that would be right at home in such a project. First, since you always need more cowbell, I have recorded a multi-velocity and dry rock bell. For more variety in bell sounds, I offer a pair of high and low Agogo bells. Finally, I also have recorded a pair of differently pitched maraca shakers.

    If you're interested, you can get the packs here:


    And as a final bonus, here are some sweeps up and down a bar chime tree:

    Feedback is welcome and appreciated, do enjoy!

    -- Phill C.

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    for the chimes I would advise you to lower the recording gain because it seems like its clipping to hard /: especially the down-chimes
    I would record it a little bit further away.

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    Thank you very much, very useful.

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