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    Dare 54 - Journey between Opposites

    This month's 'daring Freesounders' are invited to explore Freesoud tags to search for these sounds and create a piece.
    Thanks to strangely_gnarled for coming up with the are idea!

    Select two opposite words. (e.g. love / hate)
    Then think of another word that would represent the middle-term between the two (e.g. love / indifference / hate)
    Search Freesound for sounds using these tags. Select between 1 and 3 sounds containing each tag. - These are yout 'theme sounds'.
    Create a piece using all the selected sounds. Ideally you should start from one of the extremes, go through the middle-term, and finish at the other extreme - but this is not mandatory.

    You can use other sounds and other sound sources to construct your piece, as long as the theme sounds have a prominent role in the piece.
    You are not allowed to use sounds that you have uploaded yourself to Freesound as 'theme sounds'.
    Duration: 1-3 min
    VERY IMPORTANT: Remember to give attribution to the sounds you have used, if required by the sound copyright license.
    DEADLINE: 15-Mar-2018.

    Musical pieces, soundscapes, ambiences, abstract compositions, sound-collages are all welcome.
    You participate in the dare by posting in this thread with a link to your piece AND a short explanation of the search words.
    Pieces of a non-musical nature can be uploaded to Freesound and the link posted on the thread. If your piece is of musical nature, please upload somewhere else (Soundcloud, CCMixter, Bandcamp, The Internet Archive,...) and then post a link on this thread.

    I want to believe.

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